Signature Project 1 - Enhancing Gemstone Cutting (Pilot Area: Jaipur, India)

By Dr. Laurent Cartier

October 8th, 2017

The Gemstones and Sustainable Development Hub is partnering with 'American Gem Trade Association' (AGTA) and 'Workplace Health Without Borders' (WHWB) in seeking to improve understanding of health issues in gemstone manufacturing and implementing suitable solutions. The pilot project will be carried out in Jaipur (India) at a number of different cutting facilities, starting early 2018. This project will also benefit from the expertise of researchers based at 'the University of Queensland’s Minerals Industry Safety & Health Centre' (MISHC). It will further involve:

  • Sampling and monitoring of dust and silica in selected factories, and evaluating and implementing control measures to improve conditions
  • Developing educational material on prevention of silica exposure and other relevant occupational health information in gemstone cutting and polishing

The project will aim to identify cost-effective best practices that could potentially be expanded to other gemstone cutting regions.

tanzanite cutting workshop in Jaipur India.jpg


The blog was edited by Mehmet Altingoz