Gem Labs

Gemmological laboratories provide gemstone testing services to the gemstone and jewellery industry. This service is centered around providing independent gemmological expertise to the trade on a gem. This work includes confirming the natural origin of a gem, providing information (opinion) on whether a gem has been treated and offering geographic origin determination for gemstones when this is possible. Gem labs play an important role in maintaining consumer confidence in the industry.

The Gemstones & Sustainable Development Knowledge Hub, at the University of Delaware (USA) sought to put together a gem lab directory, with information provided by surveyed gem labs. A selection of the most important gemmological laboratories internationally was chosen, that is by no means exhaustive or a measure of quality or endorsement of specific labs. Labs which are not included in the report and wish to submit information and included in the survey can do so via the questionnaire so that the directory can be updated accordingly. Questions, comments and feedback can be sent to: gemstonehub(at)