Project Findings

Here is a selection of reports, publications and findings from our project.


Workplace Health Without Borders (WHWB) Report Jaipur Project: Coloured Gemstones Processing. A Pilot Study for Worker Health Issues and Interventions. Download File Here.

Jaipur Coloured Gemstone Processing Information Posters. Dust abatement information in English (PDF) and Hindi (PDF). Noise abatement information in English (PDF) and Hindi (PDF).

Knowledge Transfer in Rural Madagascar. Presentation in Tucson February 2019. By Charles Lawson and Patricia Syvrud. Download File Here.

Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development (IGF). (2018). Women in Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining: Challenges and opportunities for greater participation. Winnipeg: IISD. Written by Fitsum Weldegiorgis, Lynda Lawson and Hannelore Verbrugge. Download File Here.

Ladies in Hats Opportunities for Women in the Sapphire Value Chain. Presentation by Lynda Lawson and Patricia Syvrud at World Bank (2018). Download File Here.


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Peer-reviewed publications:

Altingoz M., Smith N., Duzgun S., Syvrud P.F., Ali S.H., 2019. Color and Local Heritage in Gemstone Branding: A Comparative Study of Blue Zoisite (Tanzanite) and Color Change Diaspore (Zultanite/Csarite). Extractive Industries & Society (in press).

Makki M., Ali S.H., 2019. Gemstone supply chains and development in Pakistan: Analyzing the post-Taliban emerald economy in the Swat Valley. Geoforum 100, 166-175.

Cartier L.E., Ali S.H., Krzemnicki M.S., 2018. Blockchain, Chain of Custody and Trace Elements: An Overview of Tracking and Traceability Opportunities in the Gem Industry. The Journal of gemmology, 36 (3), 212-227.

Cartier L.E., Krzemnicki M.S., Lendvay B., Meyer J.B., 2018. DNA Fingerprinting of Pearls, Corals and Ivory: A Brief Review of Applications in Gemmology. The Journal of Gemmology, 36 (2), 152-160.

Franco Isabel B., Puppim de Oliveira José A., Ali Saleem H., 2018. Peace with Hunger: Colombia’s Checkered Experience with Post-Conflict Sustainable Community Development in Emerald Mining Regions. Sustainability, 10(2), 1-17

Cartier L.E., 2017. Preserving the heritage of gemstone regions and resources worldwide:Future directions. Episodes, 40, 3, 233- 236.

Popular publications:

Cartier L.E., Ali S.H., 2019. Can blockchain and traceability provide more sustainable outcomes for diamond and gemstone supply chains? Nature Sustainability Blog,

Cody D., Cartier L.E., Winch J., 2019. Australian Opal Mining: A Model for Responsible Mining. InColor, no. 41, 26-32.

Cartier L.E., Ali S.H., 2018. The Gemstones and Sustainable Development Knowledge Hub. InColor, no.40, 118-119.

Lawson, L., 2018. Sapphire secrets: they aren’t all blue, and mining them requires luck plus labour. The Conversation,

Blog posts

Boom or Bust in China’s Jade Trade with Myanmar? Guest Post by Henrik Kloppenborg Møller (University of Lund).

The Demise of the Perceived ‘Normal’ – Exploring the Mining Culture of Kashmir’s Rubies by Faryal Khan.

Trade without Fever. Sensory Experiences and Qualitative Oppositions in the Formalization of the Emerald Economy in Colombia. by Vladimir Caraballo Acuña, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, El Colegio de Michoacán

In the Land of the Lemurs. By Dr. Raquel Alonso-Perez.

For the love of platinum. By Dr. Raquel Alonso-Perez.

Hill of Gems, Gems of Labour – Mining in the Borderlands. by Arnab Roy Chowdhury & Ahmed Abid.

Women in Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining: Challenges and opportunities for greater participation. By Lynda Lawson.

OECD’s 12th Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains. By Pat Syvrud.

A Study on Problems Faced By Exporters of Gems and Jewellery Industry. By Dr. Parul Agarwal, Ms. Richa Devgun, Dr. J.S. Bhatnagar.

Precious stones of Niger. By Lynda Lawson.

Contested Claims of Wealth: Cubagua Island in the Early Modern Imagination. By Dr. Monica Dominguez Torres.

Pakistan's Swat Valley Emeralds - Consigned to Oblivion. By Muhammad Makki.

Zultanite/CSARITE® Mining in Turkey. By Mehmet Altingoz.