The Science of Sparkle

Raquel Alonso-Perez, the curator of the Mineralogical and Geological Museum, at Harvard University, talks about good chemistry and color the gemstones in the mineral collection at the Harvard Museum of Natural History, where sparkle prevails.

Women in the jewellery supply chain in Madagascar

A closer look at GemHub's research associate Lynda Lawson' s work

Understanding Coloured Gemstones - Mineralogy of Ruby and Sapphire

by Dr. Aaron Palke

Understanding Coloured Gemstones - Sapphire and Ruby Geology

by Dr. Aaron Palke

Illusions in Stone directed by Dr. Brian Brazeal at the Advanced Laboratory for Visual Anthropology at CSU, Chico.

Illusions in Stone tells the global story of the emerald trade. It is a story of hope and faith. Of danger and desire. You will meet righteous thieves, reckless illegal miners, and religious scholars in an underground business. They are all united by their fascination with the green stones.

Pearl farming in Japan -- Mikimoto and Beyond by Saleem Ali

A field visit to the main pearl farming region in Central Honshu Japan (Pacific Coast).

The Emerald City - Mines, Marketing, and the Environment in Brazil by Saleem Ali

Focusing on the mining town of Campos Verde, Brazil, this short film highlights the costs and benefits of emerald mining and marketing. While there are negative environmental impacts from the mines, modernization and research have revealed positive practices and a cascade of sustainable development effects from the emerald business in Campos Verde and other market towns.

Sustainable Pearl Farming

Sustainable Pearl Farming PRESENTER: Saleem Ali, Gund Fellow | Director of the Institute for Environmental Diplomacy and Security | Professor of Environmental Studies| 2/10/2012 Pearl farming has the potential to offer unique opportunities in terms of livelihoods and marine conservation in the Pacific region.